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Treasure Hunters

It's that time of the year where your favorite reality shows are dropping like flies.

Today it's "Treasure Hunters" time to crown a winner! It's been a long ride —and a bumpy one for me— but the show was fun and well thought out.

The shows starts with the final 3 teams the Geniuses, Southie Boys, and Air Force. The teams have all ended up in room trying to decode the letter code. All the clues and locations they have been on this journey all add up to this. Two hours go by, three hours, five hours, and no one seems to be figuring this out.

Then finally the Geniuses do it. FSK stands for Francis Scott Key. Inside is a metallic arrow that has symbols on it. They spin it on the ground in the middle of a circle of symbols. It lands on the star symbol! The Geniuses go over to the star on the wall and punch it. A dramatic puff of air bursts out, and low and behold behind the wall it's gold coins, a ton of them!

Geniuses win!! They beat the odds and pushed their limits. Those are the type of wins I love, really meaningful. Congrats to Charles, Francis and Sam.

Onto the live reunion show. Basic reunion show fodder, the Geniuses are surprised and ecstatic, Brooke from Air Force is pregnant, The Fogels, who were hated, apologize for some of their comments (only some), the Wild Hanloons bring back some good country fun.

So how much did the Geniuses win?

$3 million dollars! Wow, $1 million a piece, nice prize.

That's a wrap. Anyone want to take bets on if there is a season 2?