Trayvon Martin's brother sticks up for him

(CBS News) SANFORD, Fla. - As they wait for developments in the investigation of the death of Trayvon Martin, relatives on both sides are staunchly defending their loved ones.

The 17-year-old was shot and killed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman last month in Sanford.

It's a case that's touched off a furor and a national conversation about race.

It's difficult for Jahvaris Fulton to talk about his brother, Trayvon Martin.

"I kind of still don't believe it, which is why it's not easy for me to talk about him, because I just think he's coming back.

Martin was walking home unarmed from a convenience store when he was killed.

Now, Fulton is speaking out, partly to push back against comments by Zimmerman's brother Thursday.

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"As far as George goes," Robert Zimmerman Jr. said on CNN, "he's the neighbor that everybody would want to have."

Zimmerman Jr. echoed his brother's side of the story, arguing the shooting came after a struggle and was in self-defense.

"He stopped someone from disarming him and shooting him," Zimmerman Jr. said. " He didn't pull out a gun and shoot him. George showed tremendous restraint."

But Fulton doesn't believe that's what happened that night. And he thinks others should be skeptical, too.

"It's baffling," he says, "how people, they just take his word for it, as if that's exactly what happened and no question about it."

As the families continue to speak out, public passions continue to flare over this case.

Activists plan a march and rally at the Sanford police headquarters Saturday. They want to see Zimmerman arrested. Another rally is scheduled to take place in Miami on Sunday.

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On "CBS This Morning: Saturday," co-host Rebecca Jarvis and famed defense lawyer Roy Black discussed possible defense strategies George Zimmerman's lawyers could try should he be charged in Martin's death and brought to trial. To see that interview, click on the video in player below:

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