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Transition Of Power Seamless – Online

Complete Inaugural Coverage

4738518While on the inaugural platform we saw a few stumbles and a few delays, online, the transition to the Barack Obama administration couldn't have appeared more flawless.

Before President Obama was even finished taking the oath of office, the official executive office Web site,, had already made its transfer of power. Featuring a rotating slide-show of the president at center-right, the site is topped with the words, "the White House President Barack Obama."

What's standard? Profiles of members of the administration; information about the government and White House history; a list of policy agenda items.

What's fresh? A new blog, that already includes five posts, each timestamped 12:01. Check out The Briefing Room's blog here. Also, keep your eyes open for more Web 2.0-esque features, including a "Citizen's Briefing Book," which would let users submit ideas and rank other users' contributions.

Of course there are a few holes. In this post, titled, "Read The Inaugural Address," there is, well, no Inaugural Address. In the meantime, you can always check it out on

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