Transcript: Tom Brady, Part 3

Tom Brady Talks To <b>Steve Kroft</b

KROFT: You signed a $60 million contract. And a lot of people think you've left a lot of money on the table.


KROFT: I mean Peyton Manning, of the Colts, is getting 98 million and a $34 million signing bonus. Michael Vick of the Falcons, 130 million. None of them of them has won even one Super Bowl, let alone three. Why didn't you hold out for more?

BRADY: Well, everybody makes different decisions, and everybody has their reasons. Peyton and Michael decided they wanted to, whatever they want to play for is up to them. I used to get $600 dorm checks and go eat Subway, and use pizza cards to get my way through college. And eat baked potatoes and make pancakes every night. So I don't think that's ever been a big thing for me. I mean I'm making more money now than I ever thought I could ever make playing football. I'm very lucky to be here. Why would I go screw this up? I mean where else would I want to be? Where I want to get paid more money? I mean I'm not gonna be able to spend this money.

KROFT: It's been reported that one of the reasons why you signed the contract was that you wanted the franchise to have money to go out and hire great players. Was that a factor?

BRADY: Yeah. I mean that's always a factor. The way the NFL works, the more you take, the less money other guys have. And I decided, hey, this is what I think I deserve. And it's very fair. And it is a business, and I make those decisions. It's not like I'm, you know, non-profit here. I'm not working for free, and I'm getting paid a lot of money. Other people need to get paid a lot of money too, because a lot of other people contribute. But it's not like the grass is greener anywhere else. I mean, I'm a part of three championships here. And I've got a great relationship with the coach, the ownership and the players.

KROFT: And the fans.

BRADY: And the fans, and the city. And it's like why leave here? Why would that make sense? That would be the dumbest -- it's such a stupid decision if I ever decide something else. And if people ask those questions, I don't think they're very smart either. 'Cause if they were to evaluate it the way I did, it'd be an easy decision.

KROFT: Is there any upside to the celebrity? You were named by, you were listed by "Entertainment Tonight" as America's most eligible bachelor.

BRADY: Really?

KROFT: Uh-huh. Your mail must be very interesting.

BRADY: (LAUGHS) There's been some crazy stuff. Yes. Yeah. There's certainly a lot of upside. There's much more good than bad, and that's why you don't complain. But, yeah, the mail and that stuff -- pictures and underwear. There's been a lot of stuff like that.

KROFT: And your college roommate said that you had trouble getting a date when you were at Michigan. (LAUGHTER)

BRADY: He's probably true. That's true. I always wanted to date this particular girl, but they never gave me the time of day. They probably still, well, they might now. But I'm pretty happy with who I got.

KROFT: Are you thinking about getting married?

BRADY: At some point, oh yeah. I mean I look forward to that very much.

KROFT: To Bridget Moynahan?

BRADY: If, see you, you can't ask that -- (LAUGHTER)

KROFT: I'm putting you on the spot.

BRADY: Next question.

KROFT: Has she settled your life down?

BRADY: She's helped a lot. Sure has. I can be myself around her, and there's not many people I can be myself around. It's fun to be around your best friends who know you well, and she's someone that I consider one of my very best friends.

KROFT: Coach Weis calls you glamour boy.

BRADY: Calls me a lot of things, some of them I can't say. That's one of the nicer things he said to me actually.

KROFT: He said if you played in New York, you would have loved that lifestyle. You like New York?

BRADY: Yeah. It's a place where I think I do fit in. I don't think I'd want to play for the Jets of the Giants, but I think it's a cool place. It's always moving. Like I said, I'm the kind of person that likes to be on the move, and New York -- there's kind of something for everyone. That'd be a tough place to make it.

KROFT: But, if the opportunity presented itself someplace down the line, New York would be someplace you would consider.

BRADY: My playing career, I don't want to go anywhere else other than here. There's no question about that. Living-wise, that might be a place. California's a great place too, where I was born and raised.

KROFT: So what do you make of this whole glamour boy image?

BRADY: What do I make of it?

KROFT: The most eligible bachelor in America.

BRADY: I mean it's flattering. I mean, of course, it's flattering. It, like I said, a guy had a hard time getting dates in college, I mean it's very flattering. No, but, at the same time, I don't think I sleep any better at night being that. No way.

KROFT: Do you mean like alone, or not alone? What do you mean by that? (LAUGHTER)

BRADY: Yeah, that's right.

KROFT: What are some of the requests you've had from fans?

BRADY: I got invited to be the best man in a wedding of a person I'd never met. That's kind of interesting. I get invited to proms. I had a girl actually came up to my house, and knocked on my door, and asked me to her prom. I was 24 at the time. That was interesting. I mean I've had guys that say, "Hey, you know, come over and you kiss my girlfriend." And I'm sitting there thinking -- this dude is crazy. You know?

KROFT: Is there any upside to the celebrity?

BRADY: You get to do a lot of great things. I like traveling. There's a lot of people that I look up to that I've had a chance to meet. I mean when you have Joe Montana that wants to have lunch with you, I mean that's an upside. Michael Jordan, you know, came up to me the first time I met him. He was actually playing golf with Donald Trump. And I see him and he goes, "What's up TB?" It's the first time I met Michael Jordan, and I'm thinking like that's the coolest thing I've ever heard. I mean people call me TB my whole life, but, when Michael Jordan said it, I mean that was the coolest.

KROFT: And people call you 12?

BRADY: Yeah. Twelve. Gunslinger.

KROFT: Tell me briefly about your sisters. You got two of them that live in Boston right?

BRADY: Yeah.

KROFT: They take care of you? Watch out for you?

BRADY: They try. They try. And I try to look out for them just the same. I've had a very close family. My mom and dad and my oldest sister live out in the Bay area. And the two other sisters live out here, they live together.

KROFT: One of them's a very good athlete.

BRADY: Yeah. All three were great athletes. The oldest was an All American softball player at Fresno. And she's the one that I had the salsa eating contest with. Tells you a little bit about her. She was 116 and 9 in high school as a pitcher. She's a college All American. One of the feistiest most competitive girls I've ever been around. I mean the sweetest girl, but she would slit your throat so fast. The other two are very much the same. Very loving and caring, but very, very competitive, and very independent. And I think I'm very proud of where all of them are at. We have a lot of fun sharing a lot of things together.

KROFT: Who's the best athlete in the family? (LAUGHTER)

BRADY: If I could ever play softball, I'd kick their butts.

KROFT: Are you interested in politics?

BRADY: Yes, I'm interested in. I think the way my interests ebb and flow. In two years, I don't know what I'll be interested in. But, yeah, it's something I like, and something I'm always staying on top of.

KROFT: Lonie Paxton said he had to drive to New York, and you did nothing but play an audio version of Bill Clinton's book. (LAUGHTER) He thought it was some kind of torture.

BRADY: Did he? See, he should have been learning some things. I figure all that dead time in the car, I mean the book's like 600 pages, it'd be a good time to listen to it. That was a great story.

KROFT: You a republican or a democrat?

BRADY: You know, I'm actually independent. I'm actually an independent, and I have been for some time. There's no doubt this world needs a lot of help.

KROFT: You gonna run for office some day? Something you consider?

BRADY: So much of my attention now is focused on playing ball, and I like to do that. And if that chance does come up, and I'm still interested in it, I mean it would be something that I think I could do a decent job at. When you think about things you like to do, you think about things that you could be good at, and that's one thing I think I could be good at. Whether I do it or not, I don't know. Who does?

KROFT: If you could be any place in the world, doing anything you want, where would you be?

BRADY: Probably in Scotland playing golf with my mom and dad. Yeah.

KROFT: And not here leading the Patriots against the Steelers?

BRADY: I'd probably take my mom and dad. Yeah. They're some of the most happy times in my life.

KROFT: Anything that really scares you? Anything that intimidates you?

BRADY: The end of my playing career. Big time. Because I guess I've done this for so long. And I know what I feel like in the off-season. That I'm always trying to figure out ways to have a day that's filled with things I like to do. And when I'm playing football during those seven months out of the year, it's easy. I mean I get up and come in here. Not that it's easy to work hard, not that it's easy to show up every day and do the job, but you're focused. You know? You got a goal. You got something you're trying to accomplish. And when that's done, you don't have 80,000 people screaming your name. You know, what's it gonna be? I've heard a lot about astronauts who go to the moon and come back, and they're so depressed, because there's nothing they can do in their lives that ever can fill 'em the way that that does.