Trailer for "It" debuts: See the new Pennywise

Warner Bros.

The trailer for “It” is finally here, and it asks viewers, “What are you afraid of?” 

The movie -- a new adaptation of Stephen King’s terrifying novel, which was previously made into a TV miniseries -- takes place in the town of Derry, where “people die or disappear six times the national average,” warns the trailer. “And that’s just grown-ups. Kids are worse -- way worse.” 

Bill Skarsgard stars as insidious clown Pennywise, but “it” is more than just a clown: Pennywise is just one manifestation of the shapeless evil that feeds on the fear of the kids.

One thing is clear: “It” certainly lurks in the sewers in Derry -- and, as the voices say, “We all float down here.” 

Unfortunately, “it” doesn’t only live in the sewers. 

IT - Official Teaser Trailer by Warner Bros. Pictures on YouTube
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