Trade For Kids--and Dummies

Trade Czar Susan Schwab is no dummy, but a lot of us are on her signature issue, and thankfully her office is helping to explain it at our level: On the Kids' Page.

Over the weekend, newspapers around the country carried a simple-to-follow explanation of free trade, and Schwab's office is now sending that around to us adults who paint by numbers, too. The one above is from the Washington Post. For good measure, her office sent the Kids' Page version around today to adult E-mails:

"This past Sunday, in the comics section of papers nationwide (including the Post), was an insert called the Mini Page that explained trade at a children's level. If you missed it, it is attached in PDF above. On page 4 there is an explanation of why the Colombia trade agreement is in the best interest of American workers," said her office.

By Paul Bedard