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'Tractor Woman' Wins Makeover

The moment of truth has arrived. Last week, The Early Show presented the four finalists in its new makeover series, "Putting It Together," and asked you, the viewer, to log onto the Web site to tell us who most needed a makeover.

America, we've tallied your votes. And the winner, by an overwhelming majority, is 42-year-old farmer Lori Brengle, from Metcalf, Ill., who tells The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen she is ready for viewers to make her over.

By Sunday morning, it was clear who the winner was. Lori, seen in a video as she stepped off a tractor, had won by an overwhelming margin of over 50 percent.

She says, "I am just so excited. This is just the best thing ever!"

Lori's tape showed her farm life. On it, she said, "I think my tractor's sexy, but I'm not."

On The Early Show Monday, stylist David Evangelista says all she needs is some fine-tuning.

So stay tuned next Monday morning as Evangelista, with the help of three models, shows three haircuts for you, the viewer, to choose from by logging on our Web site.

The series will continue with viewers picking the makeup, outfit and accessories. At the end, Lori will be put all together.

Evangelista says, "Actually, it is kind of fun. It makes you think where America is in their mind stylewise."

Don't miss your chance to participate in this makeover.

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