Trace Adkins talks hometown heroes and the perfect badonkadonk

(CBS News) Country music star Trace Adkins shot to fame with his unforgettably catchy 2005 hit, "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk," but the multi-platinum singer and songwriter has been a busy man since then, adding author, actor, and reality TV star to his resume.

His new show "Great American Heroes with Trace Adkins," premieres August 22nd on the Great American Country TV network. Adkins created the show himself, as part of his effort to honor everyday hometown heroes across America.

The former oil rigger and father of five daughters joined "CBS This Morning" on Wednesday to talk about his latest venture and to explain just what constitutes a "badonkadonk."

Adkins got the idea for the show from his travels while on tour. "I meet these people and I hear about these people all the time in my travels around the country," he said. "I just thought somebody should find some of them and given them a pat on their back."

Adkins and the "CTM" co-hosts moved on from doing good to looking good as the country music man explained just what constitutes that "honky tonk badonkadonk."

"It's not that emaciated little skinny thing, Charlie," Adkins explained to co-host Charlie Rose. "It's well-rounded...that's good enough."

"You know one when you see one, don't you?" Rose added.

Adkins just finished working on his next album and is focusing on his new show and Dad-duties. And, when it comes to keeping the boyfriends of his five daughters in line, tough-talking Adkins says reminding them that "I've been to jail...and I'm not scared to go back," usually does the job.