Toyota Recall: One of 56 for Industry in Last Six Months

Toyota Recall
Toyota Recall CBS/AP

Toyota's recall of 750,000 Lexus and Avalon cars wasn't the only auto safety recall this week.

Yesterday, Chrysler recalled over 26,000 vehicles with power steering problems while Volvo recalled almost 10,000 cars for problems with airbags; but news of the safety announcements were nowhere to be found on those company's websites. Honda says it is also planning an upcoming recall for brake fluid leaks.To see if your car has been recalled you can search the NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) database here.

Today marks Toyota's eighth recall in the last six months according to the NHTSA's list of safety recalls.

But they are not alone. In the last six months GM and Nissan had seven recalls while BMW, Chrysler and Ford had five each. In all, the auto industry has had 56 safety recalls for passenger vehicles in the last six months, according to government data.

Recalls appear not to have dampened Toyota's business. The company says sales were up 16.8 percent this September as compared to the same time last year.