Toy Gun Wounds Husband? That's What Shooting Suspect Tried to Tell Pa. Police

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Toy Gun (istockphoto)

NEW CASTLE, Pa. (CBS/AP) Police say a Pennsylvania beauty salon owner who shot her husband in the arm during an argument was asked to turn over the weapon - and gave police a toy gun.

New Castle police say 66-year-old Billie Dawn Gallick was evasive, and told officers the .22-caliber revolver was in the basement, before they finally found it in a first-floor closet. Police say Gallick first gave them a silver toy revolver when they arrived at her home Sunday afternoon.

Police say she shot at her husband four times, wounding him in the upper left arm.

Gallick remained in the Lawrence County Jail Tuesday unable to post $100,000 bond on attempted homicide and other charges. She faces a preliminary hearing Nov. 17.