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Tourists See History—Old And New

Washington is an historical place, where past presidents are immortalized in stone and millions visit each year to see first-hand the epicenter of the United States government.

This week has been no different, although events at the White House have brought out plenty of opinions from visitors—tourists who found themselves at ground zero for the president's groundbreaking testimony and address to the nation. CBS News Correspondent Randall Pinkston reports.

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"I think, you know, he's running the country well and what he does in his bedroom and with whom is nobody's business but his own," one tourist said.

"I saw it as an historical event. Being in Washington for it was special," another visitor said.

Standing outside the Lincoln Memorial, one tourist couldn't help but draw a comparison between President Clinton and Honest Abe. "One of the things that Lincoln was known for was being honest. In comparison with President Lincoln, I think [this president] stands a few levels down."

Most people felt there would never be a monument in Washington to President Clinton.

But this day, a glimpse of a tarnished president was still a glimpse worth waiting for. Many stood patiently outside the White House just to see a helicopter shuttle the first family out of town.

It's interesting to note that the gift shops that cater to tourists have been cashing in on the scandal. The latest political buttons read: "If Hillary doesn't care, why should we?"

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