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Tougher In Alaska: The Courtroom Version

Forget the six figure renovations to Ted Stevens' ski "chalet." If you listen to Catherine Stevens' testimony so far in her husband's corruption trial, it's definitely tougher in Alaska.

Fun facts from Mrs. Stevens testimony so far:

* She needed a garage built because there's often 10 to 15 feet of snow in Girdwood, Alaska and it's impossible to get your car off the property. (Today it's 37 degrees and rainy in Girdwood).

* They didn't have a dishwasher because the tap water up there is "rusty."

* The Stevens' had to drive one hour to the nearest Sears to buy tools.

* There's no trash service, which is why they drove that hour to buy a trash compactor.

* Catherine's nickname for Stevens is "Oscar" because she reminded him of Oscar from the Odd Couple. If Walter Matthau were still alive, he'd be perfect for the Sen. Stevens role in the movie.

* Veco Corp. CEO Bill Allen apparently used the Stevens chalet as a crash pad when the Stevens are in Washington. Allen even brought in some of his own furniture, including a black leather couch, which Mrs. Stevens says was "inappropriate, not to my taste, and had cigarette burn holes."

* And our favorite ... Chicken, Alaska. Catherine Stevens' territory as a state attorney used to include a town called Chicken. Why is it called Chicken? Because the locals couldn't agree how to spell the name of the state bird, the Ptarmigan, so they just named the town Chicken because that's what the state bird looks like.

Catherine Stevens' testimony so far has been designed to show that she paid every bill that came from the contractor, with some invoices topping $30,000. Ted Stevens should take the stand later this afternoon.

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