Totally Thank You, Dudes

Some blogs come from a guy in pajamas working on do-it-yourself software in his attic. Not this one. It took a village, it was a team effort, we are the world and all that.

Gargantuan thanks go Steve Pearson, Chad Chamberlain, James Morris and Michael Rosellini who built this thing from scratch. If you want to feel dumb, sit around a table with these characters for awhile. They have put incredible time and brainpower into this project.

Mike Sims and I have been taking turns medevacing each other since the end of the 20th century and he choppered in for this one in a big way.

Roman Foxman helped keep everything elegant and functional and still got his daughter to her first day of kindergarten. Caren Sang made sure it all worked. Mary-Jayne McKay and David Hancock managed an enormous transition at while some of their colleagues were distracted with this and other hurricane-like projects. In fact, all the vets at have been phenomenal.

We owe a lot to Marcy McGinnis and Linda Mason for a lot of reasons. Bob Schieffer gave important moral support, as did Janet Leissner, Jim Murphy and Jeff Fager.

Kelli Edwards kept feet far away from mouths with the help of Sandy Genelius, Dana McClintock and Gil Schwartz. The legal band of Jonathan Sternberg, Rick Altabef, Nick Poser, Howard Jaeckel, Susanna Lowy and Jonathan Sobel on percussion helped figure out how to play the tunes right.

Jeff Jarvis, Deborah Potter, Tom Rosensteil, Jonathan Dube, Rebecca MacKinnon and Michael Getler generously gave counsel.

I've discussed how Andrew Heyward, Larry Kramer and Betsy Morgan invented this whole escapade elsewhere. The Public Eye gang is grateful to them, humbled and hopeful.

Blog on.