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'Total Renewal'

If you are looking to boost your energy, get rid of chronic aches and pains and improve your overall health, then Dr. Frank Lipman says his new book, "Total Renewal — 7 Steps to Resilience, Vitality and Long-Term Health" could be just what the doctor has ordered.

Lipman explained on The Early Show that oftentimes, many people feel as if they're functioning at a rate far below their true potential. We have worries. We feel sluggish. Our health is in some way compromised. Starting each new day becomes a bit of a chore. But, he says, life doesn't have to be that way. Lipman's plan of action is outlined in seven steps.

Lipman is founder and director of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City, where he practices integrative medicine, which combines various alternative medicines with Western medicine. He says he discovered the concept of Total Renewal after observing that western medicine alone could not heal all that ailed the average person.

He writes in his book that Total Renewal is about replacing the unhealthy habits and replacing it with new behaviors that leave us stronger, healthier and more resilient.

His seven behavioral changes are as follows:

  1. Take Responsibility for Your Health and Well-Being
    Lipman says this step is about self-assessment and making a pledge to yourself that you can and will do whatever is necessary to achieve a healthy life — from adopting a yoga practice to forgoing certain foods, alcohol or drugs.
  2. Remove Toxins and Decrease Your Total Load
    Lipman explains by limiting or removing our use of harmful toxins as environmental and indoor pollutants, chemically enhanced processed foods and other synthetic elements such as electromagnetic radiation and household chemicals, we can start decreasing the burden on our bodies.
  3. Recognize Your Unique Diet
    Diets that work for some may be harmful to others. Lipman suggests finding what works best for your body. An emphasis is placed on low-glycemic foods, and omitting "bad" fats, sugars, food allergens and other toxic elements.
  4. Replenish Nutrients and Balance Hormones
    This step teaches how to safely add nutrients and supplements to diets in order to facilitate healing, says Lipman. He says by replacing stomach acid and digestive enzymes, restoring beneficial bacteria and repairing the gastrointestinal system's functions you can begin to consume, digest and absorb the nutrients you need.
  5. Release Tension and Relieve Stress
    Lipman says this step focuses on redirecting the body's outward energy, such as stress. Some can lower stress by various forms of relaxation, exercise, meditation, stretching, breathing, acupuncture and other methods of bodywork.
  6. Revitalize with a Detox
    Lipman says in this step one learns how to improve the body's innate detoxifcation system through special care of your liver and by employing various measures that will enhance your body's elimination of toxins.
  7. Reconnect to Yourself, Others, and Nature
    A healthy relationship with yourself, your family, your community and the realization that all are connected to each other and to this earth makes this last step work, says Lipman.