Tot-toting mom catches foul ball

While holding her 8-month old son, Jerry, Tiffany Goodwin, of Fredericksburg, Va., catches a foul ball in front of her husband, Allen. at right with glove, during a Double-A baseball game between the Richmond Flying Squirrels and Harrisburg Senators on Sunday, May 15, 2011, in Richmond, Va.
Mark Gormus,AP Photo/Richmond Times-Dispatch

You might call Tiffany Goodwini the ultimate multi-tasking mom.

Goodwin, of Fredericksburg, Va., caught a foul ball in a baseball glove on her outstretched left arm at the Richmond Flying Squirrels game Sunday - with her eight-month-old son, Jerry, in her right arm, and her husband, Allen, at her side, poised to catch it himself.

The Squirrels were playing the Harrisburg Senators.

Jerry was wearing a helmet.

And, apparently, that wasn't Tiffany's first catch.

She snagged a line-drive last week.

"We were on our way to the game Sunday," Goodwin told the Richmond Times-Dispatch, "and my husband said he's been waiting 38 years and never caught a foul ball. I told him, 'Maybe you'll get a chance today."'

But it was Tiffany who did the deed.

She told the newspaper, "He said, 'I called you off, I called you off. I could have had it.' But it was already in my glove, and I told him possession is nine-tenths of the law!"