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Tossing Is Key to Clutter-Free Closets

For many of us, closets are just a dumping ground for clothes and clutter.

But they could serve you much better if you follow some simple guidelines and use certain products to get them organized and clutter-free.

As part of "The Early Show" series "Early Gets Organized," which is being done in conjunction with Real Simple magazine, Kate Parker, a design expert and contributor to the magazine, shared some basic suggestions and pointed to products she says can help you make over your closets.

The main event, she says, comes down to "editing": Don't hold onto clothes and shoes you haven't worn in over a year: Chances are, you're not going to wear them. All those "but maybe I'll wear it some day" items are taking up valuable space.

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Let the clothes you actually wear shine by clearing out the clutter and creating a streamlined system for storing clothes, shoes, and accessories all in one place.

These clever products (descriptinos of which were prepared, in part, with information provided by the manufacturers, will help you get your wardrobe under control:


The ultra slim shape of these hangers provides three times the amount of closet space. Best of all, the velvety surface prevents clothing from slipping. Each hanger features indents for slips and similar items. $39.99

KATE SAYS: Slim, flocked hangers have a no-slip surface and will fit three times the amount of clothes on your closet rod than typical wooden hangers will. My favorites are from


A wonderful storage solution for small spaces, cart with four fabric drawers is a great way to get organized. With eyelet handles, drawers easily slide in and out of the durable frame topped with an attractive wood-like surface. Comes with wheels and self-leveling feet. Easy to assemble with no tools needed.


This versatile modular storage cube shelving can be configured in a variety of ways, making it perfect to suit your different needs. Constructed of sturdy metal with epoxy finish, these cubes make the most of storage and organization in closets, bedrooms, offices and much more. Set includes 16 grids and 18 clips, creating four 14 1/2" x 14 1/2" cubes which interlock into various positions. Minimal assembly, no tools required. Also works well with the canvas cube drawer for additional storage ideas, sold separately. $14.99

KATE SAYS: Inexpensive wire cubes are another way to create "custom shelving" on a budget


Store your shoes in style and save space. This 3-tiered commercial grade chromed steel shoe tree will hold up to 18 pair of shoes in one-square foot of floor space. Each tier has an adjustable height base. Shoe tree is topped with a convenient carrying handle. Assembly required. Measures 12" x 12" x 37 3/4".

KATE SAYS: Shoes - we've all got too many pairs, but can't seem to part with them. Use veritcal space and avoid the messy floor piles with a "shoe tree" - how great is this? And it spins for easy access!


Unsatisfied with ordinary shoe boxes, we created a Shoe Box that's as innovative as it is attractive. It's simply the best Shoe Box at the best price. We use the clearest, virtually unbreakable plastic available to create a box that keeps your shoes visible while they're being protected. The remarkable simplicity of the design allows you to securely stack the boxes for efficiency, yet access your shoes with ease. Our Men's Shoe Box is bigger to accommodate men's shoes as well as women's athletic footwear and shoes with bulky heels or platform soles. Our Shoe Boxes are priced so you can easily afford dozens. We recommend two cases to start. We offer a discount on case-quantity purchases to help get you off on the right foot - so to speak.
$1.49 each

KATE SAYS: Clear, stackable, lidded bins are a lifesaver in any closet - you can see what's what, save space, and the contents are protected. Great for out-of-season storage as well.


Store all of your sweaters while keeping them safe from pests and dust with Our Sweater Boxes. Designed to our exacting specifications, they're constructed from clear, unbreakable polypropylene to provide uncompromised visibility, and feature an easy-open, locking lid. They stack modularly with our Shoe Box, Jumbo Storage Box and Accessory Box, making the most efficient use of your closet space. Available only at The Container Store®, they're designed to fit perfectly on standard 12" and 16" depth closet shelves. For convenience, we offer both sizes by the case. Toss a few Cedar Blocks in each box to repel fabric-eating pests. $4.99 each

KATE SAYS: Clear, stackable, lidded bins are a lifesaver in any closet - you can see what's what, save space, and the contents are protected. Great for out-of-season storage as well.


Attractively and conveniently store hosiery, socks, scarves and other small accessories in our 12-Pocket Hosiery Organizer. It features 12 translucent pockets so it's easy to see the contents. Each pocket opening is specially designed to prevent snags. A large, open pocket on the opposite side can store packages of hosiery. The chrome-plated hanger is included. $19.99

KATE SAYS: We're well into fall and the tights and pantyhose are coming out -- stop bundling them into messy drawers - keep them in order with this hanging organizer.


You love purses but hate digging through a pile to find the right one. Well, you'll never have to do that again, thanks to the Kangaroom Hanging Purse Organizer. When it comes to organizing your purses, our purse storage organizer suits your needs. Closet purse storage has 16 compartments in two sizes - small for clutch and evening bags, large for day purses and backpacks. Our closet purse storage even has elastic side pockets for wallets, scarves, and other small items. These purse storage organizers also make great hanging dressers for college students who have limited storage space. Use our purse storage organizers for your other collections. The Kangaroom Hanging Purse Organizer becomes the perfect place for your craft & knitting materials! The Kangaroom Hanging Purse Organizer comes in neutral khaki with white trim. Closet purse storage is made of a heavy-duty woven poly-blend that wipes clean with a damp cloth. $45

KATE SAYS: Most women have dozens of purses - this hanging canvas organizer from is the perfect way to get them all in one spot for easy access.


Place these bright white LED lights anywhere. Perfect for under shelving or counters that create shadows. Simply peel and stick, there's no need for wiring, tools or an electrician. Each light provides over 100 hours of light on a single battery. $9.99

KATE SAYS: Battery-powered click-on lights illuminate your closet so it won't become a black hole.

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