Tortured for Being Gay

Gay Violence Hate Crimes
Gay Violence Hate Crimes
In New York City, there is outrage over an alleged hate crime. Police have eight suspects in custody and are looking for one more in the brutal torture and sexual assaults of three men, two of them teenagers.

"The assailants also hit the man with their firsts and a chain, and sodomized him," said New York police commissioner Ray Kelly.

It was the latest tragic incident involving teens singled out because they were gay. Just last month, Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi took his life after a roommate streamed video over the internet of him having sex with another male, reports CBS News correspondent Sean Hennessy.

"No more hate gay crimes," people chanted at a recent rally.

In the wake of the violence and tragedy, the gay community is taking to the streets.

"I sat there paralyzed and then of course you cry," said gay advocate Eddie Sanchez. "You cry because you think you're going to be the next victim."

In 2008, crimes related to sexual orientation rose 11 percent suggesting the problem is getting worse.

"There are things that happen to me every day," said Joey Kemmerling.

Kemmerling, a gay 16-year-old from Philadelphia, has been bullied and even received death threats.

"It's almost become common place," said Kemmerling. "And school has become from a place of education to a place that's survival in a society that hates me."

"Kids are out there living with that thought that there is something wrong with them and that suicide is the only option," said Ty Cobb of the Human Rights Campaign. "There are individuals that think it's okay to abuse them just because they are gay."