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Torture chamber discovered in rape suspect's home, say cops

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(CBS/AP/KIRO) SEATTLE - Seattle police say they found a soundproof "torture room" in the home of 66-year-old John Joseph Hauff, Jr. after a woman accused the man of torturing and raping her. The torture room had 8-inch-thick soundproof walls, belts, paddles, locks, robes and a chain that was placed around the victim's neck, according to charging documents.

After finding the room, the Seattle Police Department asked Wednesday for any other potential victims of Hauff's to step forward, reports CBS affiliate KIRO.

The alleged victim, a 24-year-old prostitute, says Hauff picked her up at the 82nd Street and Aurora Avenue North in Seattle on April 2, and offered her $100 dollars to engage in sexual role playing.

After getting in the car, the victim says Hauff's "demeanor changed" and she texted her boyfriend the man's license plate number. According to the victim, she was blindfolded before being led to Hauff's trailer home, in a remote area of Tacoma.

Once inside, Hauff padlocked a chain around the victim's neck and she began to scream and panic, according to charging documents.

Authorities say Hauff repeatedly shocked the woman, struck her with a paddle, used a catheter to force liquid into her bladder and assaulted her with a gynecological instrument.

The victim may have been saved from further torture by the text message.

After she told Hauff about the text and said her boyfriend would call the police, he reportedly took off her restraints, offered her more money, and asked her not to call the police saying, "he really didn't hurt her that bad and it was all just a game," according to the statement.

The woman called the police and detectives searched Hauff's property. They found the torture room stocked with bondage devices, sex toys and several books about how to tie and bind a woman, official court documents said according to KIRO.

A spokesman for the King County prosecutor's office said he did not believe the woman suffered lasting physical injuries.

Hauff, 66, was charged Tuesday with kidnapping, rape and assault, and faces up to life in prison if convicted. He's scheduled to be arraigned May 2.

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