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Tornadoes tear off roofs and leave trail of damage in Texas and Louisiana

Tornadoes in Texas and Louisiana, and a bomb cyclone in the Northeast have left a trail of serious damage. 

Damage of ripped-apart homes can be seen from the skies near Houston. Tornadoes tore off roofs, downed power lines and branches and even flipped a home off its foundation. Families in the area are reeling from the damage left behind. 

On Wednesday, drivers in southeast Texas suddenly had to brake hard as a twister crossed an interstate.  

Extreme winds and heavy downpours battered neighborhoods.  Funnel clouds forced high school students and staff to shelter in place. 

A massive tree crashed into a car and house in Maria Serratos's Houston neighborhood.  

"We were scared of this one right here. this tree right here, that's real big," Serrato told CBS News. 

Deputies say everyone in the neighborhood is safe but as the storm system pushed quickly into Louisiana, at least one injured person was rushed to the hospital. 

A tornado touched down in the Lake Charles community. Many homes were damaged leaving families to check on neighbors and see what they can salvage. 

That storm system is moving East, bringing rain and winds throughout the day in Atlanta and a tornado threat to parts of Florida. 

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