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Tori Spelling Doesn't Regret Cheating

Tori Spelling didn't believe in love at first sight, until she met her husband Dean McDermott on a movie set.

According to her new autobiography, "sTORI Telling," the actors slept together soon after they met, even though they were each married to other people at the time.

"When I met Dean, it wasn't a question--I had to follow my heart. I had never believed in love at first sight, but when I saw Dean, I knew it did exist," Spelling says in an interview in the upcoming issue of Redbook. "Ultimately, you have to realize that happiness is out there and not settle for anything else."

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The couple met in August 2005, a few weeks after McDermott and his wife had adopted their second child. In September, Spelling separated from her husband and McDermott filed for divorce. The couple married in April 2006, after both divorces were finalized.

Spelling is currently pregnant with the couple's second child.

The affair and subsequent quickie marriage was ideal tabloid fodder, but Spelling says she's been dealing with gossip since she was 16 and a star on "Beverly Hills, 90210."

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"As a teenager, I'd get upset about what the magazines said about me; it hurts when you read that you're ugly," she says. "But I've worked through the criticism. Now, I realize that one blog post or article doesn't matter. I still read everything people write about me because I want to know what they're saying."

Spelling talks about her life, marriage, and her new book in the April issue of Redbook, on newsstands now.

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