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Topless in Pittsfield? Voters in Mass. Town Say Keep Your Shirt On

Voters In Massachusetts City Reject Measure Allowing Women To Walk Around Town Topless

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (CBS/AP) Voters in a western Massachusetts city have decided not to lose their shirts over at least one ballot question.

Pittsfield voters soundly rejected a measure pushing for women to be allowed to walk around town topless.

The nonbinding question, which was only on the ballot in Pittsfield's 3rd Berkshire District, urged the district's state representative to introduce legislation amending the state's nudity definition.

Under the proposal, females of any age would be allowed to be exposed from the waist up in public anywhere males are allowed to be similarly semi-clothed.

Denise Yon told The Berkshire Eagle she voted no because of her 12-year-old daughter. Around 70 percent also voted against the measure.

Katherine Gundelfinger, who spearheaded the ballot question, declined to comment.