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Topeka? Not Google? Must be April Fool's

The Irish have St. Patrick's Day; witches and wizards have Halloween and the Internet has April Fools' Day.

In a way, today is the World Wide Web's biggest holiday.

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The Internet is getting an April Fools' Day makeover, as many of the major destinations on the Web continued their annual tradition of lighthearted hoaxes.

The prank Web sites were rolled out Wednesday in a collective effort to amuse, not confuse. Here's some of the highlights:

YouTube offered the curious option of watching videos in text.

The comedy video site was revamped as Bieber or Die, its home page riddled with the teenybopper star Justin Bieber.

Google renamed itself Topeka, an ironic one-upmanship with the Kansas city, which renamed itself "Google, Kan." in March to help lure the company's experimental fiber-optic network.

The site for Ben & Jerry's offered an even more enticing fantasy: virtual ice-cream.