Top Xbox Picks

A Chicago teen allegedly killed his cousin over an Xbox gaming system.

GameCore is's video game column written by William Vitka, Chad Chamberlain, Lyndsey Hahn, and Alejandro K. Brown.

GameCore wants to help you pick what we think are the best titles for each system.

These are the Xbox games we like the most.

Rated M for Mature

It's Deadwood meets Grand Theft Auto. Gun has excellent voice work, great visuals and great gameplay. It's one of the few titles that does the Wild West proud. Best of all, it's fun as heck. It is not, however, for kids.

Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth [Read Review]
Rated M for Mature

Call of Cthulhu is this year's most underappreciated title. Take H.P. Lovecraft's cosmic horror mythos, put it in a HUD-less first person shooter world and get ready for some of the scariest moments in video game history. This game takes horror survival and turns it into terror survival. This is not for kids, but it's perfect for those seeking a visceral experience.

Half-Life 2 [Read Review]
Rated M for Mature

Half-Life 2 is still one of the best games you'll ever play. One key reason is simply that Half-Life 2 will sink into your brain. You will remember the events in the game and recall them fondly. You will actually think about how much fun Half-Life 2 is when you put the controller down. It is stunning, has top-notch gameplay, and will leave you in awe. Though it lacks a multiplayer component, the Xbox version is a must-have for those who missed out when it hit the PC. Not for kids.

Madden NFL 06
Rated E for Everyone

What can we say? It's football season and the Madden franchise never disappoints. All of the mini-games, franchise mode and detailed plays are back for more in this 2006 title. For those seeking a realistic football title for a loved one, Madden is as good as it gets. The A.I seems to improve every year with this franchise.

Matrix: Path of Neo
Rated T for Teen

This is a revival for the Shiny developers that, well, dropped the ball with their last Matrix game. Whether or not you are a Matrix fan, this game will have you pulling off all Neo's moves that he performs throughout the 3 movies easily and stylishly. You really have to play it to appreciate it. The Xbox version looks the best of all and will have your action instincts thanking you.

Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without A Pulse [Read Review]
Rated M for Mature

What is better than being a zombie in a small town and chewing on the closest civilian while listening to one of the greatest videogame soundtracks to come out this year? Nothing. This is why Stubbs the Zombie should be on your list. It won't disappoint. Go forth and wreak havoc.
By William Vitka, Chad Chamberlain, Lyndsey Hahn, and Alejandro K. Brown