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Tools You Can Rent

Homeowners tackle many projects themselves that could be made easier with professional equipment. But buying it can be expensive.

The host of "Today's Homeowner," Danny Lipford, tells The Early Show that renting tools could be an less expensive alternative for homeowners.

Lipford has several items for homeowners to consider using when working on their next project, including a paint sprayer, wall paper steamer, pressure washer, garden tiller and electric chain saw.

Paint Sprayer
Estimated Rental Price: $60 per day
Estimated Sale Price: $800-1100

Lipford says paint sprayers save so much time on sizeable painting jobs. You will save at least half the time you would use with a conventional brush and roller.

He says that the two negative things homeowners comment on when they talk about paint spraying is the time it takes to clean the sprayer and the surrounding areas when they have over sprayed. Lipford explains that today's sprayers are far easier to clean. They need to be cleaned as soon as the job is done, but it takes less effort to wash off paint than older models.

To avoid paint spillover, Lipford recommends that painters allow adequate time for covering and using masking tape on areas that should not be painted. It may be a little more prep time, but the time that you are painting will be a lot less.

Wallpaper Steamer
Estimated Rental Price: $25 per day
Estimated Sale Price: $400-$800

Lipford says one of the things that homeowners like to do every few years is change wallpaper and completely remove what's on the wall. Many homeowners find it to be a challenge and the wall steamer makes it a lot easier. It does this by basically generating steam to apply to the wallpaper so it will release the glue behind the wallpaper that facilitates the removal. He says that all layers of old wallpaper should be removed before putting the new paper on. This will prevent wrinkling and the new paper will adhere to the wall better.

Electric Pressure Washer
Estimated Rental Price: $55 per day
Estimated Sale Price: $1400

This is strictly for the outside of your home, says Lipford. It does not heat the water like a steamer does, but it simply intensifies the force of the water you are cleaning with. He says the water pressure will be about a 2,000 pounds per square inch. Lipford warns that you can cause damage to your home if you are not careful, because the water pressure is so high, and it can actually gouge wood. He also says do not spray anybody with the sprayer because it can cut through skin. Lipford emphasizes users of the equipment must be careful not to hit their own feet with it and don't let kids use it.

Lipford said that a pressure washer can be used to clean virtually any surface on the outside of a home, regardless of what type of siding it has. It does a wonderful job of cleaning brick or stucco. Areas of the house that are not exposed to sun or in shady areas that get less sun tend to grow algae and mold on them. Lipford recommends cleaning those areas. Homeowners may also pressure wash patios, wood decks, fencing, cars, bicycles and boats.

Garden Tiller
Estimated Rental Price: $45 per day
Estimated Sale Price: $975-1300

Lipford says whether you are planting a vegetable garden or have decided to plant a garden around the tree in your front yard, cultivating the ground and breaking it up will insure that the plants you plant will do their best. The best tool for that is a garden tiller. It has two handles like a wheelbarrow and comes in various sizes, depending on how large an area you may need to till. He says this tool saves a lot of time and energy and really does a better job than you would do with a shovel and a hoe. It operates with regular gas.

Electric Chain Saw
Estimated Rental Price: $25 per day
Estimated Sale Price: $350

Whether you are trimming branches or cutting down small trees or generating firewood for your fireplace, an electric chain saw is much easier to use and much less intimidating than a gas-powered unit, which is much more powerful and heavier, says Lipford. But, he cautions that even though this machine is electric, it's still a very dangerous tool. He warns not to use it when you're tired and do not have gloves and safety goggles.

Lipford recommends homeowners rent tools from a rental center affiliated with the American Rental Association. This will insure that the tools you rent do adhere to their standards. He says that when you go to a rental center, don't be afraid to ask questions, make sure you are shown how to use the equipment and that it fully works.

Lipford emphasizes that these tools are dangerous if not used the right way. After finding an ARA or affiliated store, Lipford recommends homeowners organize projects before picking up equipment so that you are ready to use it immediately and don't spend extra money keeping it longer than you really need to. Most equipment is rented by the hour, day, week or month.

Make sure that you get all the correct operating information on the equipment and pay particular attention to the safety instructions.

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