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"Too Many Pickles": Reason to throw a punch?

How many pickles are too many? That is the question behind a scuffle at a Quincy, Mass. restaurant AP Graphics
(CBS/AP) QUINCY, Mass. - In the category of criminal motives, you can add this one to the list: "Too many pickles."

Police say a woman in Quincy, a suburb south of Boston, is accused of punching a restaurant worker who put more pickles on her steak and cheese sandwich than she could stomach.

Transit police say 49-year-old Tina Drouin ordered the sub from Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs in the Quincy Center rail station on Saturday afternoon.

Police say Drouin started loudly complaining, used a profanity, and demanded a refund.

When she was refused, she allegedly punched the worker in the face and pushed two large jars filled with pickles at the female employee, knocking her over and shattering the jars.

She fled, but was followed by the worker, who held her until police arrived.

Drouin told police the worker put "too many pickles" on her sub. She'll be charged with assault.

The moral of this story?

There really isn't one.

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