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Tone Up With Belly Dancing

With summer here, the idea of donning a bathing suit can be a daunting concept One novel way to get into shape is with belly dancing. Classes are on the rise, for good reason, they work and they're fun!

On Tuesday's The Early Show, Veena And Neena Bidasha, twins who perform and teach in Los Angeles, show some exercises you can do at home.

More and more women are discovering the art of belly dancing as a great form of exercise. Belly dancing is associated less with the art of conception and more with the movements of labor in birth.

And besides the physical benefits, women who perform this dance say they feel more feminine and confident.

The following are the exercises performed on The Early Show:

  • Hip circles and circles and a half - Warm-up, works hips, abs and knees. It is a good general start
  • Upward figure 8 - Works abs/obliques. They are both simple and advanced
  • Hip twists – It works abs and hips
  • Hip drops – Focus is the butt
  • Choo Choo shimmies – It is good cardio workout and works hips and quads

At the same time, it works out arms, helping to shape them.

The Bidasha twins will show a short dance section incorporating the exercise elements mentioned above.