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Tom Hanks shows David Letterman how to use a selfie stick

There's nothing like a feel-good selfie between friends.

During Tom Hanks' visit to the "Late Show" on Monday he showed retiring host David Letterman how to use a selfie stick, and it was pretty fun to watch.

"Hey, can I take a selfie?" he asked Letterman, as he whipped out a selfie stick.

"Wait a minute, what is this?" Letterman asked.

Hanks said that his wife, Rita Wilson, "announced when they first came out that we would never ever have a selfie stick in the house." He then added they sell accessories "all over Florence, which was the birthplace of the Renaissance."

After snapping the shot (chins up!), Hanks said, "In a couple of weeks when you head down to -- I'm just gonna guess what you're gonna be up to, two words: Space Camp, take one of these bad boys with you."

Letterman's final "Late Show" is slated for Wednesday. On tonight's episode he'll have Bill Murray and Bob Dylan on as guests.

Stephen Colbert will take over hosting duties later this year.