Tom Hanks' Flick Picks

Maybe you have a favorite Tom Hanks movie. But what are his favorites? CBS This Morning Movie Critic Gene Siskel asked him to pick his favorites in an interview.

Hanks says his two top favorite comedies are Horsefeathers and Animal Crackers. He says watching Animal Crackers "was the first time I laughed so hard. What people love about the Marx brothers is they break all the rules."

How about a romance? "A romance movie by and large leaves me cold," Hanks says. "But there are romantic moments."

Still, Hanks admits, "Every now and again there would be something that would come up and I would say, 'oh, there is some passionate stuff there.' I'm thinking of Cary Grant in The Train. Even when I saw that for the first time I said, 'whew!' That's because it is restrained at some level. You just don't like it when it's too explicit."

A film that Hanks treasures is My Life As A Dog. Hanks says it "is about the love and the nurturing that all human beings need in order to feel a part of the human race."

Hanks is currently starring in the Private Ryan, the Steven Spielberg epic about World War II. His first success was as a comic actor in movies like Big, and he has also been a hit in romantic roles in movies including Sleepless in Seattle.

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