Tom Clements Update: Possible link probed between Texas car chase and Colo. prison chief's murder

A high speed chase ended in a crash in North Texas of a vehicle, pictured above, that may be linked to the murder of Colo. Corrections Chief Tom Clements

(CBS) DALLAS - Law enforcement officers are investigating a possible link between a high speed chase in Texas Thursday and the murder this week of Tom Clements, the executive director of the Colorado Department of Corrections, CBS Denver reports.

PICTURES: Colo. prisons chief shot and killed at home

The suspect in the chase was reportedly shot in the head, and was pronounced legally dead, according to CBS DFW.

The vehicle in the chase in Texas is believed to match the description of a suspicious car seen near Clements' home 15 minutes before the shooting, according to the station.

Clements was killed after he answered the door of his home in Monument, Colo. at approximately 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The high speed chase in Texas Thursday ended with both a sheriff's deputy and a suspect being shot, according CBS Denver.

The chase began in the early afternoon when Deputy James Boyd, of the Montague County Sheriff's Office, tried to pull over a known drug suspect, the station reports.

A source told CBS DFW that as Boyd approached the suspect's vehicle, the person inside started shooting. Two bullets reportedly hit Boyd in the chest, but the deputy was wearing a bulletproof vest. Another shot is believed to have hit Boyd in the ear.

The suspect, whose identity is unknown, fled from the scene as law enforcement officials pursued. The male suspect reportedly continued shooting as he led authorities on the chase.

Eventually the suspect crashed the car he was driving in Decatur, Texas. According to CBS Denver, the car was an older model Cadillac with Colorado license plates.

At some point during the high-speed chase, the suspect was shot in the head and was taken to an area hospital.

Boyd was transported to a hospital and was in serious condition, CBS Denver reported.

Law enforcement officials are continuing to investigate whether there is a link between the chase and the murder of Clements.

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