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Tom Clancy on Rainbow Six CD ROM

It is the story of an elite anti-terrorist squad. Clancy says teams of players from around the world have already been banding together to play the game online...

"And living it. I mean just immersing themselves in the story, not simply observing it, but living it. That's never been done before and that's going to be a whole new art form and I want to put my name on it."

The differences between the book and the computer game...

"Well, it's essentially the book in computer game form and you get to be some of the characters in the book. And you only go as far as you can get if you do everything right."

Clancy and partner Doug Littlejohns, who served as a Commodore in the British Royal Navy, created Red Storm Entertainment to go beyond what can be done in print, TV or movies...

"When you're telling a story in all those media, all you're doing is presenting a story to your customer, your reader, or your viewer, whatever you want to call them, and he gets to observe it and either likes it or doesn't like it. Well, with the way computer technology is emerging now it's going to be possible to tell stories in which the reader can immerse himself and can affect the outcome. That's a completely new art form and that's why we set up Red Storm Entertainment. To help create that new art form."

Clancy's Rainbow Six book is out now. The CD ROM is due by the end of the month.

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