Tom Brady headed to his 5th Super Bowl

If you're Tom Brady and you've already won several Super Bowls, what's left to prove? As Brady tells Steve Kroft: plenty.

Any plans for the evening of February 5th? You might want to be near a TV set and catch Super Bowl 46 between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. (If you're not football minded, "60 Minutes" will be on that night as well.)

The game promises to be a good one: it matches Eli Manning, who has one Super Bowl ring already, against Tom Brady, who has three. For Brady, this will be his fifth Super Bowl appearance, which ties the record for a quarterback, currently held by John Elway.

Back in 2005, Steve Kroft kicked the ball around with Brady on "60 Minutes." How did Brady get to be such a success? "60 Minutes Overtime" has the highlights.