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Toddler wants to hug all the goats at petting zoo

(CBS News) The behavior of toddlers is often mystifying and almost always endearing. Which is exactly what you're about to see in the above video with a 14-month-old boy who wants to hug all of the goats at a petting zoo. And I do mean all of them.  Get ready for a dose of super cute.

The adorable video was posted by YouTube user StefMommy who writes:

Baby Sage (14 months old) is at a petting zoo for the first time in his life. He thinks all of these goats are dogs, and he loves dogs. He runs up to nearly every goat to hug them and rest his head on the goats in the most loving way. He's precious!

Mistake or not, we love little Sage's reaction to these goats and could not agree more with the description of "precious". Thanks so much for sharing this sweet caught-on-tape moment with all of us, StefMommy!
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