Toddler really enjoys his first root beer ever

(CBS News) When you start the week with a post about something beautiful and artistic, it becomes a difficult decision on where to go next. Do I continue that path of more elevated discourse in terms of the content on The Feed? Do I possibly go in a completely different direction with something totally ridiculous and silly? Or do I just show you a kid who is really enjoying his first root beer ever?  Decisions, decisions...

I suppose both of the latter two options kind of fit the above video. Ooh, and it's really, really cute, too. Did I mention that?  The caught-on-tape moment was posted by YouTube user jamest77vb who writes:

This is the reaction my son Noah had when taking his first drink of Root Beer!

So I think Noah liked root beer. Which is great for him, because I totally had the opposite reaction the first time I had one. True story. I hated the stuff. I'm a bit more okay with it now that I'm older. Emphasis on a bit.  So kudos to Noah for finding something he loves and thanks to James for sharing the moment with us all!