Toddler not taking a nap will make parents laugh (and possibly cry)

(CBS News) Parents out there, tell me if you've heard this one before: "A toddler walks into a crib... and refuses to go to sleep." (Ba-dum-bum!) Sound familiar? And while you're not laughing yet, you will when you click play on the video above. Warning: You may also cry a little bit, too.

The all-too-familiar sight for parents was posted on YouTube by the Bennet Family who write:

We popped open our baby monitor app in time to see what really happens when Jude is "trying to go to sleep". Hilarious.
I have a hunch based on this clip that Jude's parents probably aren't getting much sleep these days. But they sure are providing us with a lot of laughs (and possibly tears). Thanks so much from all of us here at The Feed for sharing this far too adorable and hilarious moment! And to learn more about Jude's antics, be sure to visit the Bennet Family's blog by clicking here.