Toby Keith: Busy, Busy -- And Christmasy

Country music star Toby Keith has built a solid career with songs about patriotism and country living -- and has sold more than 30 million albums.

But he's toning things down and showing his holiday spirit again with his latest release, "Toby Keith: Classic Christmas."

On The Early Show Friday, Keith agreed with the assessment of co-anchor Hannah Storm that the new CD is very traditional.

"We used all acoustic instruments," Keith said. "When I did the "Broken Bridges" movie, I fell in love again all over with the dobro and the mandolin and real earthy things. That's what it's about. It's Christmasy."

It's a two-disc set full of holiday classics.

His first Christmas album, "Christmas to Christmas," released in the fall of 2005, had original holiday songs.

The multi-award-winner also has a special running on the Country Music Network all month, with Jewel as his special guest.

In addition, Keith is producing a movie, with the same title as his hit duet with Willie Nelson, "Beer for My Horses." It's slated to hit theaters next year.

What's more, Keith says he's in the process of doubling the size of his four-restaurant chain.