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Titanic Challenge of Discovery

. It has been fourteen years since Dr. Robert Ballard and his crew discovered the wreck of the Titanic in the North Atlantic. Now, he invites you to give it a try in a CD ROM called Titanic, Challenge of Discovery...

"Hello, I'm Bob Ballard. I've been responsible for some of the most exciting discoveries ever made in the deep sea."

The CD ROM is educational, but it is also a game with a variety of challenges...

"Well, there's three search expeditions. Find the Titanic, find the German battleship Bismarck, or find an ancient ship of Roman antiquity. Then the other three are go down and explore them and map them."

You choose crew members with varying skills and salaries and select equipment. You have to do some reading and gather clues...

"And you start to fashion the expedition in your mind and then you're given a certain amount of money, sort of like monopoly, and that's all you get. It's enough money if you do it right. And there's three levels of competition. There are beginners level, an intermediate and then a very advanced one."

Ballard says the graphics and realism and extraordinary....

"And it's just amazing that the technology can permit this much interactivity to happen so fast."

Titanic, Challenge of Discovery from Panasonic Interactive Media, sells for under thirty dollars.

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