Tips For Valentine's Day Gifts

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Valentine's Day is less than a week away and The Saturday Early Show's Megan Meany has some suggestions for gifts for the Valentines on your list.

Meany took a look at today's hottest gifts and made some picks for the perfect Valentine's gift.

Here are some gifts Meany found to make a special woman friend smile:

  • Chocolate Bath Products: Experts say eating chocolate causes the brain to release the same endorphins as when you're in love. Of course, chocolate is very popular at this time of year, but new bath products can give your Valentine chocolate without the calories.

    Cocoa is considered a body softener, so the company Fresh created a mood-enhancing line that also claims to keep you feeling soft.

    Price: $10 to $45

    For more information: Call 1-800-Fresh-20 to find a store near you or to order the products. Or visit

  • Candy Heart Flannel Sheets: Flannel sheets from L.L. Bean that say "Hug me" or "Be mine" can keep your Valentine warm and cozy. The fun, romantic sheet set was inspired by valentine heart candies. The pattern is also available in cotton percale if you want to use the sheets year-round.

    Price: Starts at $69 for flannel set

    For more information: Visit

  • Swarovski Crystal Power of Love Jewelry Collection: The "Power Of Love" is from Swarovski's new line, which benefits the American Heart Association. Ten percent of the retail price will be donated to the American Heart Association through Feb. 15. The line was created to inform more women consumers about heart disease, the number one killer of women in the U.S. today.

    Price: Crystal pendant, $65
    Heart-shaped earrings with red crystals, $45
    Silver chain bracelet with a heart charm (also with red crystals), $60
    Heart with an arrow pin, $45

    For more information: You can call 1-800-426-3088 to find a Swarovski near you.

  • Agatha's Jewelry: Big, oversized rings from Agatha - one with a pink faux diamond.

    Faux Diamond Price: $50 each
    For more information: Call 1-800-AGATHA-7

  • Kate Spade Bags: Fun, rubber tote bags that come in perfect Valentine colors, pink and red.

    Price: $95 at major department store

    For more information: Visit

  • Coach Collection: A new edition to the Coach collection - a hot pink bag.

    Price: $495

    For more information: Visit

    And Valentine's Day isn't just about giving women gifts. Meany found some great gifts for the guys in your life.

  • His and Hers PJs: Instead of sexy lingerie for Valentine's Day, how about cute, chic pajamas that men or women will feel great in. Cynthia Rowley is the latest designer to create items for Target, but these PJs are not sold as a set. The top is always "hers" and the bottoms are always "his." It's a gift meant to be cheeky, sexy, and fun. The PJs are 100 percent cotton.

    Price: The top and the bottom are each $15.99

    For more information: Visit

  • Personalized Cufflinks: Give your loved one cufflinks with your name on them, so he can't forget who gave them to him. Catarina Gregory cufflinks come in sterling silver, yellow gold, and white gold. You can get up to eight letters (no symbols) engraved on the cufflinks. Better hurry, though - you must e-mail Catarina Gregory with your request and pay the invoice via PayPal by the end of Saturday, February 8 if you want them in time for Valentine's Day.

    Price: Sterling silver cufflinks are $98; yellow or white gold $570. $25 shipping and handling charge will be added for rush delivery by Valentine's Day.

    For more information: E-mail

  • Couple's Puzzle: Spend a cozy night at home bonding over a puzzle. But this is no ordinary puzzle - it's personalized. You can create puzzles to declare your love for that special someone or even propose marriage. And you decide how big you want the puzzle to be.

    Price: The price of a puzzle varies on how large or elaborate the puzzle is. An 80-piece puzzle costs $160.

    For more information: Visit

  • Personalized Champagne Flutes and Champagne Bottle: To celebrate that special moment.

    Prices: $75 to $205

    For more information: Visit

  • S'mores Kit: What better way to a man's heart than through his stomach? Cosi has created a s'mores kit that comes with everything you need. Share the s'mores with your honey or a group of friends. In order to receive a Cosí S'mores kit by Valentine's Day, make your purchase by February 13 for overnight shipping.

    Price: $65.00 through the Cosí website

    For more information: Visit

    Not all Valentine's Day gifts have to be romantic. Meany found some cards and gifts she thinks would be great for a special friend or relative.

  • Retro Cards: Fred Flare cards are hot this season with their irresistible, grade-school charm and grown-up polish.

    Price: Retro space valentines are $6 for 10. The felt cards are about $4.

    For more information: Visit

  • Poetry Book: Yes, it's common to give someone you love a book of romantic poetry, but what about those who are trying to mend their broken hearts? How about "101 Poems That Could Save Your Life"? It's designed to turn tears into laughter. The Harper Collins published book is an anthology of "emotional first aid" by Daisy Goodwin.

    The book is organized under different emotional-need categories such as: Successfully Single; When Your Lover Has Gone; First Date; Commitment Problems; and Is This Relationship Going Anywhere? The book features classics from Robert Frost, William Shakespeare, Ezra Pound and mixes them up with more modern poetry.

    Price: $15.95

    For more information: Visit

  • Heart-Shaped Glass Bowls: From Clio in New York City.

    Prices: Start at $95

    For more information: Visit

  • Cookie Bouquets: Great gifts for those who are allergic to flowers.

    Prices: Start at $37

    For more information: Visit