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Tips And Resources: Teens Online

Parents of teenagers have always been concerned about what their sons and daughters are up to. But in the technology era of ultra-connected tweens and teens, it's a lot harder to keep track of young adults' every move.

A new study shows that at least 93 percent of Americans between the ages of 12 and 17 use the Internet regularly. When socializing is largely digital, what's a parent to do?

Read on for tips on how to keep teens safe online - and lots of useful links for Internet users of all ages.

Expert Tips For Parents

CBS News science and technology correspondent Daniel Sieberg interviewed author Gregory Smith about how to keep teens safe online. He gave CBS News some tips to share.

1. Get up to speed on modern-day technologies. Parents can't fight a battle that they don't understand. This includes taking an inventory of everything in the house that can connect to the Internet.

2. Use content filtering on any computer that a minor uses at home to access the Internet. My recommendation is CyberPatrol, which has easy to use pre-set age-based filter settings.

3. Use stealth technology where appropriate for troubled teens or teens suspected of using the Internet to access inappropriate content or those who communicate with strangers. My recommendation is PC Tattletale. No matter what - don't disclose that your using stealth software to your kids. They'll think you know a little more than they do and that's good enough to make them think twice.

4. Develop an Internet Use Policy for your children and clearly spell out expectations and repercussions. My book gives a good example of a draft agreement. If kids break the rules, warn first, then revoke the appropriate online capability if abused a second time. Internet usage and tools are a privilege, not a right and most come with fees to use them.

5. Talk to your children about the risks of going online. Don't sugar coat the risks either. This is possibly the most important recommendation I can make. Make sure your kids know that they can come to you and talk about anything. A healthy relationship between parents and kids helps pave the way for a good childhood and better prepares them for a prosperous life as an adult.

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    In compiling the series "GenTech: The Wiring of Teen America," the staff at looked at many Web sites and blogs. Here are some interesting places to find more information. While we found them useful, we can't vouch for all the information found in them.
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