Times Square Car Bomb - How Much Did it Cost?

by Bhakti Mamtora, CBS News Investigative Unit

The psychological cost of a terrorist attack in the heart of Times Square is incalculable. But a CBS News analysis has found the cost to make the car bomb that Faisal Shahzad allegedly left in Times Square last Saturday night is surprisingly inexpensive.

Special Section: Terrorism in the U.S.

The most expensive component was the vehicle itself. Shahzad is said to have purchased the Nissan Pathfinder on Craigslist for $1,300 cash.

But the actual bomb components cost less than $800 - that's roughly the cost of a 42 inch flat screen TV.

The M88 fireworks were purchased for $95 in Pennsylvania. A gun safe similar to the one found in the Nissan can be purchased for about $290.00.

Then we estimated the cost of the other bomb components: eight bags of fertilizer $160.00, 3 Propane Gas Canisters, $149.00, two alarm clocks, $15.00, two five-gallon gas canisters, $26.00,

and gasoline for the canisters, $34.00.

Grand Total - about $2,100.00

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