Time-lapse rope swinging gives a meditative moment to your day

(CBS News) We just took things to the extreme with some wind tunnel acrobatics and got a nice rush out of it. But now we need to come down from the high and get focused - there's still work to be done! So to make the transition easier, we're still going to give you extreme, but in an almost meditative medium. Check out some time-lapse, rope swinging and feel the calm wash over you.

I suddenly feel at one with the world and ready to tackle any assignment thrown at me... as long as I don't need to leave this chair. I'm seriously just way too calm and peaceful right now. The visually striking Vimeo video entitled "Just Gliding" was posted by Dominik Bittner who shot the footage with a GoPro HD2 and a GoPro HD Hero camera at the Eibsee in Grainau, Germany.

I'm going to go ahead and mark that location down on my list of "places I really want to travel" right now, and give props to Dominik for giving us all this moment of reflection. To check out more work by Dominik Bittner, you can visit his Vimeo page by clicking here.