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Time Again For Taxes

Not too many years ago, if you waited until the last minute to do your tax returns you might have been out of luck trying to find the forms you needed. But if you have a computer, you'll find all the forms on CD ROM and even on the Internet. The best selling program is Intuit's TurboTax. Product manager Keith WashingtonÂ…

"This year we're focusing on customizing the tax experience to your tax returns so that you can answer a few questions and get the tax return done more quickly. We also have really expanded our Web TurboTax product."
The price is twenty dollars for the 1040 version and for state tax versions as well. Intuit's chief rival is Kiplinger's TaxCut from Block Financial. TaxCut's ease of use has earned in well deserved praise. Block Financial's Gene GoldenbergÂ…

"It's much less complicated to use than the competitive programs. The screens are very simple and easy to understand, the help that is available is unparalleled in the business."
If you qualify for the 1040EZ, you can use the web version of TaxCut for free and that includes electronic filing. Yet another option, is the Internet only program SecureTaxÂ…

"It avoids the entire installation process and also avoids having to wait for your state software to be delivered."

SecureTax CEO Randy Tullos.

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