Time again for some super slow-motion fun (with water balloons, eggs, a model and a UFC fighter)

(CBS News) Do we like slow-motion here at The Feed? Well, you can click here to see for yourself, but the short answer is "yes". So let's kick off some slow-motion fun starting with water balloons in the above video. And before you start moaning and groaning about how they've been done before, I would argue that slow-motion water balloon videos are a lot like snowflakes. Each one is totally unique and special. But, fine, this one also has a male model in it. Just watch it already.

The wet and wild, super slow-motion video comes from Pablo Vicente and features model Henny Seroeyen as the target of the soaking. Do you think he might work out a little bit? And speaking of working out, we've got another video for you below from The NOC featuring UFC lightweight contender Anthony "Showtime" Pettis in his toughest battle yet against - wait for it - eggs! Lots of them! In super slow-motion of course. Watch how he fares in this egg-ceptional showdown and see who ends up getting scrambled. Spoiler: it's probably the eggs.