Tim Tebow named starting QB, Brady Quinn "best boyfriend"

Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn
Quarterbacks Tim Tebow (15) and Brady Quinn (9) of the Denver Broncos. Getty Images

It's been a week of good news for two signal callers in Denver.

A day after one Broncos quarterback was anointed "best boyfriend" by an elite Olympic gymnast, his teammate was named something even more venerable by his head coach: starting quarterback.

That's right: It's officially Tebow time. After nearly leading the Broncos to a comeback win last week, Tim Tebow has been named the team's starting quarterback by head coach John Fox.

Broncos fans have been imploring the team to make the switch since preseason (even erecting billboards on I-25 in Denver), and the din grew louder as the squad lost four of its first five games.

Apparently they are finally getting their wish. Tebow, the two-time national champion and Heisman Trophy winner, started three games as a rookie last year, but Kyle Orton won the starting job. Orton has struggled (turning the ball over nine times already this year) so Fox benched him in the second half against the Chargers. Enter Tebow who energized the Broncos and their fans, nearly erasing a 16-point fourth-quarter deficit in a game that came down to the final play.

The timing of Tebow's promotion is interesting: The Broncos' next game is Oct. 23 in Miami, where the Dolphins are honoring the 2008 national champion Florida Gators - who were led by none other than Tebow.

Seemingly lost in the Denver QB controversy was Brady Quinn - the man who was supposed to be behind Orton on the Broncos depth chart. While Quinn may not have the support of his coach, he can at least count a star American gymnast as one of his fans.

Alicia Sacramone, the Beijing Olympic captain who ruptured an Achilles tendon while in Tokyo for the world championships, took to Twitter to praise Quinn for being by her side for her surgery.

"Best boyfriend award goes to (at)BQ9 for taking the red eye from Denver to be here for my surgery today..." Sacramone tweeted. "Just another reason why I love him."

Alas, on the field, Quinn still can't match the love for Tebow.