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Apple says possibly armed woman is stalking CEO Tim Cook

The Santa Clara County Superior Court has issued a restraining order against a woman who has allegedly been stalking Apple CEO Tim Cook for more than a year. The woman, who claims he is the father of her children, is accused of emailing Cook photos of a loaded pistol and trespassing at his home in Palo Alto. 

In its request for a restraining order, Apple said it believes the 45-year-old Virginia woman "may be armed" and "intends to return to (Cook's) residence or locate him otherwise in the near future." A judge granted the restraining order on Friday.

The restraining order bars the woman from possessing firearms, approaching Cook in person, or contacting him through email and social media. The San Jose Mercury first reported the development.

According to the court documents, Apple first became aware of the woman in October of 2020 when she tagged Cook in a tweet claiming he is the father of her twin children. Apple said from late October to mid-November of 2020, the woman emailed Cook approximately 200 times.

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In early November 2020, she allegedly sent a series of emails to Cook that contained threats and photos of a gun and ammunition. According to the court documents, in one email that included a photo of a handgun, the woman wrote "my new gun will never return it at this time before I shoot!"

In a follow-up email, she allegedly wrote "I warned and told you stop trying to kill me. You made me buy this instead of going for Christmas. I will NEVER forget forgive you." Apple said the email also contained a photo of a loaded handgun.

Throughout 2021, the court documents alleged the woman was attempting to open fraudulent corporations with "highly offensive" names in various states, including California, New York and Virginia. Apple said the woman used Cook's name, personal address, and Apple's corporate addresses while trying to register "dozens" of bogus companies.

In October of 2021, after more than a year of alleged cyberstalking, the woman showed up at Cook's Palo Alto home, according to court documents. She allegedly demanded to speak with Cook and was turned away by security, but returned minutes later.

Local police officers responded to the alleged trespassing call and stopped the woman when she tried to flee the scene. According to court documents, she was driving a Porsche Macan with an expired driver's license and told local police officers who confronted her that she "could get violent."

Officers searched the vehicle but did not find any weapons.

Apple said the woman continued to email Cook after showing up at his house and in mid-December demanded a payment. According to court documents, she wrote in an email on December 18 that "we do not have to meet. give me 500 millions cash. then I will forget and forgive all better list to me."

On New Year's Day, the woman allegedly posted on Twitter that "Tim Cook will be suicided in his condo." She allegedly followed that up with an email to Cook stating "you must empty the condo," adding, "I will move in next week 2nd warning."

Apple declined to comment. A hearing on the case is scheduled for March 29.

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