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"Tiger Woods Cigar Guy" an Online Sensation

While Europe is basking in its Ryder Cup victory, the real legacy of the 2010 golf tournament is this amazing photo taken by Mark Pain:

The photo has taken on a life of its own - not because of the world's top golfer flubbing a shot directly at the camera lens but because of "Cigar Guy," the stogie-puffing mustachioed spectator on the right with the impossibly bemused expression.

Cigar Guy, not surprisingly, proved to be perfect fodder for the Internet. Thanks to Photoshop, he not only shares the spotlight with Tiger Woods, he now also takes his place next to Sonny Liston, Hank Aaron and Michael Jordan.

Witness the YouTube photo montage to the theme of "Eye of the Tiger." Tauntr has compiled some of the most amusing incarnations, which place Cigar Guy at the forefront of key moments in American sports history and, of course, on the cover of Cigar Aficionado.