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Tigers injure California woman who raised them since they were cubs

Patty Perry, who founded the Wildlife Environmental Conservation, Inc., is seen with two lions in a photo from the organization's website. Wildlife Environmental Conservation, Inc.

A California woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries when she was caught in the middle of two roughhousing tigers at an animal sanctuary she founded. The Los Angeles Times reported Patty Perry suffered head lacerations and puncture wounds on her neck at the Wildlife Environmental Conservation Inc. sanctuary in Moorpark on Saturday.

Members of the Ventura County Fire Department were in attendance and aided Perry during an event being held to thank supporters and donors to the conservation group.

Authorities say Perry was transported to a hospital and remained there through early Sunday afternoon.

Perry's friend Michael Bradbury said the tigers were playing with Perry inside a cage when a Bengal tiger wrapped its paws around her legs and she fell, and then the second tiger jumped on her.

Bradbury said Perry regularly interacts with the tigers, which she has raised since they were cubs, and they have never previously attacked her.

Wildlife and Environmental Conservation is a nonprofit organization founded more than a decade ago to educate the public about environmental conservation.

The group said the Moorpark facility has about 50 animals including tigers, leopards, birds of prey and zebras.

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