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Tiffany Trump's trip to Berlin costs taxpayers at least $22,000

When President Trump's daughter Tiffany Trump decided to go to Berlin with her boyfriend in mid-June there was a new consideration.

Instead of going alone, her United States Secret Service detail would have to go along with her. Federal purchase orders viewed by CBS News shows that hotel costs for the Secret Service team cost taxpayers $22,439.

However, these costs do not include the cost to pay the Secret Service agents for their time and for the cost of their flights.

One purchase order for the agents' hotel includes this line, "URGENT! Rooms Regent USSS (Tiffany Trump visit) June 14-24" indicating that there might have been short notice that the trip was to take place. According to the United States Secret Service, the common practice is for agents to vet a site ahead of time.

The Secret Service does not have an office in Berlin, so the agency had to set up a "temporary office" in a hotel room for Tiffany Trump's trip known as a "control room," an agency official told CBS News. The agency does have an office in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Trump Organization did not respond to requests for comment for this story.

While in Berlin, Tiffany posted pictures of her and her boyfriend enjoying local sites, including the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

On July 13th, Tiffany Trump posted a picture to her 848,000 Instagram followers of her and her boyfriend in Budapest.

There's no word yet on any hotel bills out of Hungary.

A running tally of hotel costs, chauffeur services and ski passes for Secret Service agents accompanying Mr. Trump's children abroad based on federal purchase orders reviewed by CBS News is over $280,000.

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