"Thru Jerusalem" captures the sound of a city

"Thru Jerusalem" is a song and music video recorded to capture the sounds of the Holy City. The video's producer, Kutiman, spent countless hours wondering around Jerusalem, meeting and filming various musicians and artists to record their work.

Next came the editing process, where all of the different sounds and video segments were combined and edited in order to produce the one fluid track you hear now. It is a remarkable work, fully embodying the sounds of the city that he was attempting to capture, while still linking them to their respective owners, and combining them to produce the collective work, something even greater.

We have previously covered another track by Kuitman comprised of YouTube samplings, which can be found, HERE. But his divergence from a track and video comprised wholly of sampling, to that of the combinations of his own original recordings in his travels through Jerusalem really elevates his work "Thru Jerusalem" to a whole new level.