Throw A Last-Minute Oscars Bash!

Just three weeks after Super Bowl Sunday, it's time for another party, but this time around, it's the ladies' turn. Indeed, considered by some the "Super Bowl for women," Oscars night is upon us.

And according to style consultant Daphne Shirley, the red carpet, paparazzi, and goodie bags aren't just for the rich and famous. They can be part of your very own Oscars bash.

What's more, she says, it's not too late to put one together.

Shirley stops by The Saturday Early Show for a show-and-tell of her tricks of the trade for a last-minute party that's fun and easy!

She says the most important factors for a successful Oscars shindig are just being silly and having fun! And all it takes to enhance the experience is some quick, late preparation.

Her main events:

Red Carpet Entrance:: To get everyone in a festive mood, drape a red carpet at the front door to make your guests feel like stars themselves. A simple carpet remnant or inexpensive piece of carpet from Home Depot or any similar store is all it takes to set the tone for the festivities right from the start. Or you can use red fabric taped down on all sides, or even a big roll of red paper from any party supply store. You, as host, should dress in a sparkly, glitzy top.

Polaroid Photography: Along with the red carpet, to give your guests the full star treatment when they arrive, a Polaroid camera is a cute way to enhance the Oscars experience. It also gives your guests photos they can take home as souvenirs.

Oscar décor: Now that your guests are already in the Oscar mood, they're really going to be impressed by the décor of your living room. Gold or red candles, roses, even rolls of movie tickets, will help set the mood, and are available at any party store. A red case filled with extra "bling bling" and pearls is a nice touch to adorn guests. You can also hand out dark sunglasses, beauty mark kits, ring pops, and the like. And if there's any loose jewelry left, you can spruce up the coffee table holding your chips and dip by spreading loose crystal "bling" and diamonds on it. Glass glitz is easy to achieve with black satin ribbon and strands of faux jewels, available at any party store.

Oscars Pool: What movie fan doesn't love a good Oscars pool? To be like the stars in L.A, all you have to do is go to, where you can print ballots of the Oscars contenders onto chic paper. Then, have your guests just fill them out and predict the winners. Whoever wins the pool could take home a nice prize, such as a book of movie tickets, a gift certificate, or a magnum of champagne.

Popcorn and Champagne: Nothing's more perfect to munch on at your party than popcorn. Just check the snack aisle at the supermarket for different flavored popcorns, and you could make your very own popcorn bar. Not sure what to wash the popcorn down with? How about that big magnum of champagne we just mentioned? And to glitz up the presentation, all you have to do is decorate the glasses with a black satin ribbon and some strands of faux jewels. To protect your coffee table, another great touch is photo coasters, with pictures of all the Oscar nominees.

You can get photo coasters with nominees' pictures inserted from RedEnvelope for $30 for a set of four.

Goody Bags: The Oscars are famous for the gift bags given to entertainers, bags that are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Why shouldn't your guests go home with a goody bag as well? Yours can be a bit more understated, but fun, nonetheless. For instance, gift bag contents could range from candy (Raisonettes, Goobers, Good and Plenty, Twizzlers, Snowcaps) to items such as blank DVDs or VHS tapes, Oscar movies out on DVD, red nail polish, sunglasses, movie tickets, or microwave popcorn.

Daphne Shirley is a New York-based creative consultant, helping individuals and large companies use creative ideas in everyday life. Shirley's creative, out-of-the-ordinary events and product launches combine specially tailored invitations, fitting gifts, mailings and outreach. Shirley has appeared prolifically as a lifestyle and gift expert on numerous national television shows offering everything from stunning gift wrapping tips and gadget must-haves to advice on throwing a lucrative stylish garage sale, and extraordinary stocking stuffers. Shirley can be reached at