Three very unusual music covers and instruments

(CBS News) In honor of the new year and new beginnings, take a look at three unusual takes on popular songs and instruments. This first video above goes to show that a true musician can make music anywhere and on anything. Despite his unusual choice of the laundry machine as an instrument, this gifted 10-year-old, who has apparently only been taking lessons for a year, is still a better drummer than most twice his age would be with an actual drum set.

The description of the video, uploaded by Youtube user dancarollo, says the boy does in fact have his own kit, so basically he's just showing off here. Hopefully in his next performance, he'll have a whole band behind him (ideally playing Swiffers, dishwashers and mops).

And are you getting tired of the same old electronic music? How about turning off the dubstep and instead listening to old school computers do a cover of "We are Young" by Fun uploaded by user bd594 above. What they lack in passion and inability to speak, they more than make up for in timing, technique and charm. It's nice to see out of work computers changing career paths and breaking into the music business late in life.

Our final video below is an absolutely gorgeous cover of "Strobe" by Deadmau5. I never imagined the piano as being the ideal instrument for an electro-house music cover, but composer Evan Duffy manages to pull it off masterfully while still staying true to the original. There's not much else to say, except stop what whatever you're doing and listen to this version right now.